Lodge Officers:

Exalted Ruler -    
        Joe Gagliardi
Leading Knight -
        Lou Muller
Loyal Knight -
        Charles Keelan

Lecturing Knight -
        John Kozak
Treasurer -
        Rita Ryneski, PER
Secretary -
        John Opitz, Jr., PER
Tiler -
        Sharyn King
Inner Guard - 
        Mary Beth Keelan
Chaplain -
        Raoul Frevel
Esquire -
        Roy Mitchell
Trustees -
        Colleen Ford, PER

        Mike Ford, PER, PDDGER
        Bob Wehland
        Dave James
​        Rich Eckert, PER




Links to Important Elks Information:

Learn more about the Elks, who we are, what we do, and how to become an Elk visit http://www.elks.org/who/default.cfm.

See how Elks work together to build stronger communities by supporting the charitable work of the Elks National Foundation (ENF) visit http://www.elks.org/enf/default.cfm.   You can make an online donation to ENF by clicking https://www.elks.org/donate/default.cfm.

For information on the Elks Drug Awareness programs and resources to empower our youth with the knowledge of the dangers associated with illegal drug use and abuse visit http://www.elks.org/dap/default.cfm.

The Elks National Foundation provides more than $3.5 million in college scholarships each year.  Learn how and when to apply for an ENF Scholarship by clicking http://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/OurScholarships.cfm

Information regarding our State Association, the Maryland, Delaware & District of Columbia Elks Association, can be found at https://www.mddedcelks.org/.