Links to Important Elks Information:

Learn more about the Elks, who we are, what we do, and how to become an Elk visit

See how Elks work together to build stronger communities by supporting the charitable work of the Elks National Foundation (ENF) visit   You can make an online donation to ENF by clicking

For information on the Elks Drug Awareness programs and resources to empower our youth with the knowledge of the dangers associated with illegal drug use and abuse visit

The Elks National Foundation provides more than $3.5 million in college scholarships each year.  Learn how and when to apply for an ENF Scholarship by clicking

Information regarding our State Association, the Maryland, Delaware & District of Columbia Elks Association, can be found at

Lodge Officers:

Exalted Ruler -    
        Rae Vasold, PER
Leading Knight -
        Ron Vasold, PER
Loyal Knight -
        Rita Ryneski

Lecturing Knight -
        Chad Devorak
Treasurer -
        Steve Rose, PER
Secretary -
        John Opitz, Jr., PER
Tiler -
        Gary Bauer
Inner Guard - 
        Lou Muller
Chaplain -
        Allison Opitz
Esquire -
        Christine King
Trustees -
        Doug Kadolph, PER
        Mike Ford, PER
        Rich Eckert, PER

        Teresa Boileau, PER
        Nicole DiIorio, PER


Abingdon Elks Bpoe 2354 Community Service